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We offer Kung Fu training classes for both kids and teens/adults of all ages, for beginners or advanced martial practitioners. We teach Traditional & modern Kung Fu forms, a wide variety of weapons, self defense and Tai Chi.

Class 1
3-5 year old Kung Fu class

Kung Fu for Ages 3-5


Our 3-5 year-old Kung Fu class is perfect for helping preschoolers develop the skills and abilities they need most. On the physical side, children will develop hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction, and motor skills. On the mental side, we focus on development of self-control, self-respect, confidence, and concentration. In this class, we use mostly praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement to keep young kids motivated. We break the class into small sections to ensure that we keep young children interested and engaged. 

Plus, these classes are non-stop action! Your child will run, jump, kick and punch their way to greater control and focus. They will love every minute of it!

Class 2

Kids Kung Fu Class

Our Kids Kung Fu class is for ages 5-13. In this class, we offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your child. In our Kids Kung Fu classes, we use diverse  teaching techniques to keep your child engaged while learning.  We have a positive philosophy as we focus on rewarding and praising children for good behavior, focus, and technique in a supportive and non-competitive setting. All children learn at different paces. We ensure that all students are given individual attention and guidance in every class so that each child can reach his/her full potential.

Children attend classes based on their belt levels. As they master new Kung Fu skills, they will take belt tests and move up in our belt system

Kids Kung Fu Class
Class 3
Adults Kung Fu Class

Adults/Teens Kung Fu

Adults/Teens Kung Fu class is for ages 13+. The focus of the Adult Kung Fu program is to create a positive learning environment for students to challenge themselves both mentally and physically to reach their full potential. Our training style focuses on improving body strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and control. Through diligent and regular training, students improve their focusing and willing power and will be able to achieve goals that they once thought were out of reach.

Adult/Teens class is a mixed level class.

Class 4

Private Lessons

Apart from group lessons, we also offer private lessons for those who desire a more intensive training experience. Private lessons provide students with a 1-on-1 personalized training opportunity with Master Song in a deeper and broader scope than in group lessons. Private lessons best cater to needs of advanced students who require training for a specific purpose or with a specific focus. Beginners benefit more from group lessons which offer a more balanced class structure and valuable peer experience.

Private lessons are by appointment only. Please  call us or email to schedule an appointment.

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