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Kung Fu Master


Master Song Chunxu is the instructor and owner of Song's Kung Fu. Born in Hei Long Jiang province, he started Kung Fu training at age of 5. He became one of the more advanced students and began full-time professional Kung Fu training when he was admitted into Hei Long Jiang Wushu Institute at age of 12. During his professional career as a martial artist in China, he has participated in numerous tournaments. Master Song came to the United States in 2013. In 2013 to 2019, he served as full-time martial arts instructor at Shaolin Kung Fu International in Cupertino. In June 2019, he started Song's Kung Fu in San Jose, California.


Professional Achievements

As an athlete:

Master Song has 19 years of Kung Fu training experience. He is a highly skilled and experienced martial artist and has participated in numerous Kung Fu tournaments. To  date, he has won 33 medals in provincial and national competitions in China, including 14 gold medals in Long Fist, Drunken Fist, Sword, and Spear. He is also a three-time All-Around Kung Fu Champion for his group in Kung Fu competitions in China. Due to his distinguished achievements, he was certified by China Department of Sports as National Second-Level Athlete, National Second-Level Referee, and National Second-Level Social Sports Instructor. After coming to the United States in 2013, he continued to earn 9 medals (including 6 gold) in nationally recognized Kung Fu competitions. Thereafter, his primary focus is Kung Fu instruction.


As an instructor:

Prior to coming to the United States, Master Song was the leader of his Wushu team for four years. Since 2013, he has been teaching and promoting Kung Fu in the Bay Area. He has trained many students who have won numerous medals in state-wide tournaments. In addition, he has trained athletes who were selected to participate in international tournaments on behalf of USA. He is an experienced instructor and is popular among students.


As a judge:

He has taken part as a referee in a large number of tournaments both in China and United States. He is well respected and publicly recognized as a professional martial artist in the field of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Awards & Medals

Kung Fu Master medals
Kung Fu Master

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Performance Videos

Gold Medal in Long Fist, 2014

CMAT 22, Annual Wushu Competition hosted by UC Berkeley.

Kung Fu Performance, 2013

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